Anonymous - OpBigBrother: Weltweite Proteste 08.12.2012 [german]


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Citizens of the world, we are Anonymous
You chose on October the 20th to make #OpBigBrother voice surround worldwide to inform people about the threatens of surveillance systems on their Freedom.
We are now in times when stakes about both individual and common liberties are critical.
Smack in the middle of an economic and social crisis, we have adjourned our attention about those matters, we forgot such atmospheres often lead to threatens on our fundamental Rights.
We call you once again to act against systems of the almighty Surveillance State.
You noticed, how many efforts governments deploy to mark and spy people worldwide.
They plan to use technology to know everything about citizens including : who is who, who do what and with whom, as well in real life and the Internet.
Moreover, our governments are about to demolish Privacy with Systems like Trapwire and Indect.
Those network surveillance technologies sniff the CCTV cameras, government databases and the Internet to identify people and make a profile of citizens, their families and their socializing. Governments also want to silence us with projects like cleanIT. They are planning to take control of the internet using Deep Packet Inspection engines like CAS system. They work with lobbies to install censorship with laws like ACTA, CETA, SOPA, PIPA or CISPA.
Governments pretend to design those systems for security reasons, but every people able to access and understand information on those matters should stand up against a society of global control on the citizens that is being drawn.
Included in the global action of Anonymous, #OpBigBrother is working to inform populations on systems designed to watch and control them !
It's time to act, it's time to show the governments of the World, who we are, it's time to show humanity stands as united, it is time to show what freedom means to us.
We call you to prepare for the next Worldwide Day of Action against surveillance planned for December the 8th 2012. A way to make it successful is to follow a few advises to awake people, and make them join.
Protips : ( rythmer la vidéo pour appuyer ces protips - rythm on video to accentuate protips)
Organize locally and spread information everywhere you can,
Make paperstorms to inform citizens about those matters,
Publish informative posters everywhere you can on the Internet,
Make Graffitis and chalking in order to display the operation in the streets
Relay information on what's happening to your anon comrades
Always focus on others' safety as well as yours
Work on making the protest peaceful
People unable to protest on that date are invited to make informative paperstorms. Try to find ways to awake the interest of ordinary people, using creative communication materials and actions.
Act now and spread the word in your mother tongue, enter your Countries and Cities, in the pad linked on the description of this video once you can organise things.
Governments are supposed to defend the interest of their peoples. They are not here to cheat the citizens.
It's our Freedom and our privacy.
Resist and build together, because we are the sons of the Resistance
Let us unite the whole humanity as one.
Let it be the largest protests of the world history.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
We are the people
We are the only system,
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us
It's just the beginning...

More information on #OpBigBrother / #indect / #OpTrapwire
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